Samoa POS User Terms and Conditions

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  1. Booking myTravel - The Company, Staff or Agents of Booking myTravel and associated Companies
  2. Customer - You, the person or persons or on behalf of any other parties, either nominated or otherwise using the website.
  3. Partner - The person or persons or Business providing Products to the Customer through the Booking myTravel Website.
  4. Website - The Pages, Information or Content presented on "".
  5. Products - The Partner offering to the Customer presented on "".
  6. Request - The contract made between the Customer and the Partner for the purpose of Booking myTravel providing a booking service for the purchase of a Product, including all associated Terms and Conditions as documented on the Booking myTravel Website, this document or by any document or means communicated between Booking myTravel and the Customer.
  7. Purchase - The contract made between the Customer and Booking myTravel for the purpose of purchase of a Partner Product, including all associated Terms and Conditions as documented on the Booking myTravel Website, this document or by any document or means communicated between Booking myTraveland the Customer.
  8. Payment - Booking myTravel processes all Transactions through Paypal in USD as displayed at the time of Booking Confirmation and Payment.
  9. Booking - The booking process consists of a number of steps to provide booking and personal details, request availability of the Product, confirm the booking and process payment. Successful completion of the Booking myTravel booking process, creates a binding Purchase agreement between the Customer and Booking myTravel for the facilitation of supply of the Product by the Partner to the Customer. A confirmation email and a PDF link will be automatically sent to the provided email address. Your Booking Confirmation will have a unique Booking Reference Number, which must be quoted in all future correspondence regarding the booking.
  10. Changes To The Booking - The booking can be changed by the Customer at any time up until the nominated Booking Date, subject to Partner Product availability and subsequent re-confirmation.
  11. Cancellation - Each Product has a Cancellation Policy specific to that Partner and Product. This Cancellation policy is stated on each Product page and is also specified on correspondence during the booking process. Refunds can only be made to the Credit Card provided in the Booking process. All refunds will be charged a 5% Credit Card processing fee.
  12. Additional Charges - Additional charges associated with the provision of the Product by the Partner to the Customer are outside the realm of the Booking myTravel Request, Purchase and Terms of business. Such Additional Charges are to be settled between the Customer and Partner.
  13. Termination - The Booking myTravel Request or Purchase is considered terminated upon the date of Cancellation or Booking Date, subject to settlement of any Additional Charges and Cancellation Fees.
  14. Prerequisites - All Bookings must be paid in full in advance by Credit Card with details provided by the Customer during the Booking process. The provision of Credit Card details by the Customer through the Booking process authorises Booking myTravel to process the agreed amount against the supplied Credit Card account details. Booking myTravel staff, or agents of Booking myTravel reserve the right to Cancel the Booking Request or Purchase unless these prerequisites are met.
  15. Customers Responsibility - The Customer is responsible to meet any Special Conditions detailed in the Partners Product listing on the Booking myTravel Website or provided to the Customer by the Partner prior to the Booking Date and Time.
  16. Privacy - Booking myTravel will not disclose any details of the Booking to any party, except for basic contact details to [SiteName] Police or Immigration Authorities if formally requested. All booking details are stored in a securely encrypted form, accessible only by senior Booking myTravel management and will be permamently deleted within 24 hours of the termination of the Booking myTravel booking.
  17. Force Majure - Consideration will be given to events outside the control of the Customer or Booking myTravel , not withstanding the specific terms of the Agreement.
  18. Jurisdiction - Booking myTravel is a registered company in [SiteName] and along with this agreement, is subject to the Laws, Customs and decisions made by [SiteName] Authorities. All disputes will be settled in [SiteName], by [SiteName] Authorities.