SamoaPOS is a locally developed Point of Sale system that is designed around the needs of Samoan Businesses, with particular focus on Ease of Use, Efficiency, Low Entry Cost and Full Compliance with the Samoan Tax requirements. and is available to run on any Android Phone or Tablet, iPhone, iPad and Windows or Mac Desktop platforms.

Suppliers to Samoan Businesses that use SamoaPOS can Register as a Supplier for FREE and Upload your Price List to be made available to Businesses using SamoaPOS.

All you need to do is;

  • Register as a SamoaPOS Supplier by filling in the Registration Form below
  • Log in to the Secure SamoaPOS Supplier Portal and Upload your PriceList
    • PriceLists are to be in CSV format
    • On your First Upload Map your CSV columns to the relevant SamoaPOS fields
  • As your Prices or Product Availability changes, simply Login and Upload a New PriceList
    • This will immediately be available to All SamoaPOS Users
    • Your NEW products will be Highlighted to all SamoaPOS Users
    • This is a great way to ensure all of your SamoaPOS Customers have your latest information

The initial release of SamoaPOS is focused on managing the Sales process for Samoan SME Businesses and ensuring a seamless compliance with TIMS, VAGST and other Government requirements. Future enhancements will provide additional features for Suppliers such as;

  • Purchase Order capabilities for SamoaPOS Users to make it easier for Suppliers to take Pre-Orders
  • Messaging for Suppliers to notify SamoaPOS Users of Special Promotions, New Products and other mportant information
  • Supplier version of the SamoaPOS app that can directly receive SamoaPOS Users orders

The SamoaPOS service for Suppliers is FREE and will help you drive sales and profits through Samoan SME's using SamoaPOS, so why hesitate and sign up now!!!