Samoa POS is a locally developed Point of Sale system that is designed around the needs of Samoan Businesses, with particular focus on Ease of Use, Efficiency, Low Entry Cost and Full Compliance with the Samoan Tax requirements.

Samoa POS is available to run on any Android Phone or Tablet, iPhone, iPad and Windows or Mac Desktop platforms. Once you register, you will be allocated a Key that will enable the full options available to your Samoa POS Subscription.

You can use the FREE 7 day trial to setup and try out Samoa POS, then Upgrade to a Subscription Samoa POS App. The longer your Subscription, the more you save and you will Receive All App Upgrades for FREE for the life of your Subscription.

Samoa POS is fully configurable by the user to suit your Business Requirements and the Capabilities of the Device you are using. Obviously you can fit more on a larger screen, so it is up to you how you want to present your POS Pages. There are no limits on the number of Products, or the number of POS Pages and Buttons you configure.

Samoa POS Version 1.0 can not only provide a Flexible and Extensive POS system for your Samoan Business, but it also supports virtually all Receipt Printers and is 100% Compliant with the Samoan Governments TIMS requirements.

To get started with Samoa POS , fill in the following form and Download the version of the App that suits you. It is possible to be up and running with Samoa POS in only a few minutes.