Booking myTravel was originally concieved as an Online Booking Solution for SME Tourism Operators, left behind by the big International OTA's. Our initial plans were to roll out additional systems and solutions to help small Tourism Operators run their businesses more efficiently and competitively.

Using the BmT Accounts and Payroll since mid-2016 has saved AquaSamoa many hours each week and provides me with a very useful tool to keep track of my business. The low monthly subscription is easily covered by savings in time every day. I wish I had such an easy to use system years earlier.
Dive Centre, Apia

As we started rolling out Booking myTravel in early 2020, COVID-19 presented the opportunity to bring forward the development and introduction of additional features planned for 2021 and beyond, culminating in our BmT Solutions Suite of products.

Our core product, BmT Accounts, has more than five years of operating a handful of Tourism Businesses, so we decided to re-package, re-brand and add functionality so that other SME Businesses can also enjoy the benefits of a more efficient operation.

I have used the BmT Accounts, Payroll and Rental Solutions for more than five years and it has kept my administration and compliance overhead to a minimum, enabling me to focus on the operation and growth of my business. The savings in time, costs and stress are immesurable. Being locally based, Booking myTravel is very responsive both to my special feature requests and support related queries.
MotoSamoa Limited.
Scooter Sales, Service and Rentals

With the additional requirements required by the introduction of the TIMS (Tax Invoice Monitoring System), SME businesses can be rest assured that partnering with BmT Solutions will make compliance easy.

Following are the current offerings available to our Booking myTravel Partners.

  • SamoaPOS The latest offering from BmT Solutions is SamoaPOS, a simple and highly flexible POS Solution for Samoan SME Businesses.
    • Cross Platform Running on Android, iOS and PC Desktop, SamoaPOS does not require that you buy additional hardware.
    • Flexible Configuration You can configure your SamoaPOS system with as many Products, Pages and Buttons as you want, depending on your individual preferences and Screen size.
    • Supplier Integration Popular Suppliers to Samoan Businesses have provided their latest PriceLists for selection in the Supplier setup in SamoaPOS, ensuring that you have all the latest product and pricing information all the time.
    • TIMS Compliance SamoaPOS has been designed in conjunction with the requirements of the Samoan Ministry for Customs and Revenue Tax Invoice Monitoring System.
    • Reports A suite of Simple Sales Reports will help you track business performance and reporting compliance.
  • BmT Accounts All Booking myTravel Solutions configurations have the Simple Accounts module at it's core.
    • General Ledger A Simple General Ledger System to record and account for all of your business transactions and as of September 2020, has Full TIMS Accreditation.
    • Invoicing and Debtors A Simple module to manage Debtors and Invoicing
    • Bank Reconciliation A Simple module to import your Bank Statement and to reconcile with your General Ledger
    • Depreciation A Simple module to manage depreciation of your fixed assets
    • Reports A suite of Simple Reports that includes Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconcilliation as well as VAGST
  • BmT Payroll A Simple Payroll system built around SME requirements.
    • Employees Manage all of your Employees, recording required information and key dates.
    • Pay Sheets Enter Employee attendance and automatically calculate all necessary Taxes and Charges.
    • Pay Slips Easily print out Employee Pay Slips.
    • Reports PAYE, SNPF and ACC Reports are automatically provided for your compliance requirements.
    • Accounts Integration All Payroll transactions seamlessly integrate into your accounts, eliminating double entry.
  • BmT Rental Manager A Simple but comprehensive Vehicle Rental Booking system.
    • Bookings Summary of all current, future and past bookings with management capabilities.
    • Online Bookings Add Online bookings to your website with the addition of 1 line of Simple code.
    • Rental Agreements Generate PDF rental agreement with all booking details for customer signature.
    • Fleet Management Keep track of your rental fleet as well as scheduled maintenance, etc.
    • Reports A suite of Simple Reports that enables analysis of the business performance.
    • Accounts Integration All Booking transactions seamlessly integrate into your accounts, eliminating double entry.
  • Under Development
    • BmT Room Manager (early 2021) A web based application for Beach Fales and small to medium Hotels to manage reservation and is fully integrated into the Booking myTravel booking engine and BmT Accounts with Full TIMS Compliance.
    • BmT TIMS (TBA 2021) Utilising Web Services and a low cost Android device, we can inteface your existing Cash Registers and POS Systems into a TIMS compliant solution.
    • BmT Appointment Manager (TBA 2021) A Simple calendar management system for Salons and other businesses that have to manage customers appointments.
    • BmT Time Keeper (late 2021) A Web based take on the classic Bundy clock utilising RFID swipe cards, Android tablets and full integration into BmT Payroll or Export to third-party Payroll systems.