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Motosamoa is Samoa's only dedicated scooter rental business, with locations in Apia, Mulifanua, and Savaii, plus Pickup and Delivery options anywhere in Samoa, MotoSamoa is your only choice for Scooter Rentals.

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Welcome to Booking my Travel , a new concept in Online Travel Bookings, where we aim to bring you the Local Tourism Products that you cannot find anywhere else online.

All Booking my Travel regions are operated by Locals with many years experience in their local travel sector, so you can be assured that all of the products offered on Booking my Travel have been vetted by people who want to deliver the best Local Tourism products for the best Local Experience.

Booking my Travel is a child of the COVID-19 Pandemic, so we have worked closely with our Local Supplier Partners to ensure that they meet the new normal with respect to appropriate safety, hygene and procedures.

Booking my Travel is busy finding Local Partners all over the world, so for the time being make the most of our offerings in the South Pacific and Africa, but be sure to check in to see our newest Local offerings as we expand during ...